Membership Registration

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Membership Requirements:
 1.Bachelor or diploma degree from medicine, pharmacy or related life science fields
 2.Willing to participate in organization development and drug/biological trials in Indonesia
 3.Approved by Executive Board
Submit this form to:
 3.[email protected]
(later to be referred as “THE MAIN POINTS OF AD&/ART FOR MEMBERS”)
By submitting this Form, you have declared that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with ”The Main Points of the Articles of Association and/or Bylaws (AD &/ART) for Members”
 A.A. Vision & Mission :
  Vision :
To be the leading organization in supporting the implementation of clinical trials in accordance with international standards in Indonesia.

Mission :
• To encourage the growth of quality clinical trials in Indonesia in accordance with scientific and ethical principles and meeting international standards
• To encourage the development of competent human resources in international standardized clinical trials in Indonesia
• To provide information regarding current, accurate and reliable clinical trials.

 B.The Obligations of IASMED Member
  1. Every member is obliged to protect the image and reputation of the Association.
2. Every member is obliged to participate in Association’s activities, whether scientific or social, according to his/her capability.

 C.The Rights of IASMED Members
  1. Every member has the rights to participate in Association’s activities, ask questions, make suggestions, to speak or express opinion, to be voted, and to vote.
2. Every member has the rights to get information about seminars, trainings, workshops organized by IASMED at special prices.

 D.IASMED Membership can be discontinued through different ways
  1. On own request of the Member
2. Member passed away.
3. Membership dismissal/discharge due to misconduct or misbehavior against “The Main Points of AD &/ART for Members”.

 E.IASMED’s Additional Rules
  1. Every member is considered to have read and understood “The Main Points of AD&/ART for Members”,and to have agreed to comply with it accordingly.
2. Any disputes in the interpretation will be handled by the Executive Board.
3. For any matters which are not included yet, the Executive Board can act at their discretion as long as it is not against the Articles of Association and/or Bylaws (AD &/ART).